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  • Artists selected will be asked to create new art and refrain from posting pictures of it until after the magazine that includes their work is released. This might mean keeping your finished work under wraps for upwards of a year.

  • Your work will remain your property. We will pay you $30 (wish we could afford to pay more!) for your permission to use the art in the magazine and in associated promotional materials. We’ll also send you a free copy of the magazine that includes your work.

  • At the moment, we are only interested in printing science fiction illustrations. Please be aware that, while we might have a great appreciation for your own unique style, we have to insist that any art included in the magazine be true to this theme. That is to say, if you are approached to be included but submit work that doesn’t feel like it fits the theme, it may not be included after all. (Please see the Infinite Worlds Instagram account for plenty of inspiration!)


  • We are interested in printing new, unpublished science fiction stories between 750-4000 words in length.

  • Writers may be asked to edit their work.

  • We pay $75 for a story and we’ll send you a copy of the issue that includes it.

  • New, unpublished comic/graphic novel shorts (4-10 pages) will be considered at a negotiated rate

For those still interested in submitting work, please address an email to: