Q: What is Infinite Worlds Magazine? 

A: Infinite Worlds is a 'throwback' speculative fiction magazine featuring original sci-fi stories and illustration by modern creatives from around the world. Our mission is to preserve the best parts of classic science fiction culture and pair it with cultural wisdom we've gained since that period. Modern science-fiction with a retro style. 

Q: What will Infinite Worlds look like?

A: Infinite Worlds will be printed in full color and in standard American comic book dimensions (10-1/4" x 6-5/8"). It will be about 40 pages of beautiful, imaginative illustration and original, science-fiction prose -- about 20 pages of each. It will have a satin finish and a 100# stock cover.

Q: What writers and artists will be featured in Infinite Worlds magazine?

A: The first issue of Infinite Worlds Magazine will feature an original short story by Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy of Kennesaw State University titled, "Downbeats in Space". This story will have an accompanying illustration by Eleonora Lisi of Rome, Italy. (IG: @thesalmon.art)

It will also feature an original short story by Dennis Johnston of Redlands, California titled "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". This story will have an accompanying illustration by Jason Jenkins of Jackson, Mississippi. 

The final story in issue one is entitled 'Clocked & Loaded' by K. Anduze and will feature an original illustration by English artist Tom Smith.

Cover art for issue one of Infinite Worlds Magazine is being produced by Nick 'Turbo' Benson.

Other illustrators contributing work to issue one include: 

Jeramy Muxworthy 


Jaime Valderrama (EPOCH)

Ryan Biddle

Mike Germon 

Kishore Mohan

Logan Stahl


Nazareth Sando

Robert Tuska

Sean Bova  

James T. Jasiorkowski


Jim Tom 

Felipe Flores 

Noah Bailey 

João Antunes Jr. 

Erwin Papa 


Paul Downs

James Jasiorkowski

Ed Bickford